International Dental Travel in Barcelona

dentist tourism in barcelona Every year, we receive patients from all around the world including the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Middle East who are looking for high quality dental treatments. Either because the dental quality of their country is low or because the prices (in their country) are prohibitive, they decide to come to Barcelona to receive high quality dental treatments at affordable prices while they enjoy a beautiful city and perfect weather.

How does International Dental Travel to Barcelona work?

Step n°1: Contact Us

Contact Abaden Dentistas using our CONTACT FORM or calling to our TOLL-FREE number (51 888 0208). We will answer your questions in your own language and provide you with information free of charge by telephone or email. Based on our conversation we will give you an initial price quote of your treatment plan

Step n°2: Sending the Dental File - Quote

If you are interested, we will go through the following procedure:

We will ask you to send us, via email, any information needed by the doctor to properly analyze your case (dental files, x-rays if appropriate and any other important information).

Once the information is received, the dentist will discuss your dental case with other dentists during our daily clinical case analysis. In this meeting they will agree on a treatment plan for you.

The doctor will arrange a conference call to present you with the conclusions of the analysis, the treatment plan and the final quote for the treatment. (Up to this point there is no cost to the patient.)

Step n°3: Setting the Treatment Date

If you are satisfied with the plan and quote, we will arrange an appointment date with the clinic for your operation or treatment. To do this, we will request a deposit from you, the amount of which varies according to the clinic and the planned treatment. You will only pay the remainder of the treatment cost once the treatment has been completed, on-site at the clinic.

We will send you all the information pertinent to your treatment/operation, allowing you to leave well informed and without any unnecessary stress:

  • Your doctor’s name, address and telephone number of the dental clinic that will be treating you.
  • The date of your operation/treatment.
  • Practical advice to follow.

Step n°4: Organisation of your trip - Travel & Accommodation Assistance

The International Patient Department can assist you with travel plans, including making hotel and lodging arrangements during your visit.

Step n°5: Treatment Day

We will pick you up at the airport or at your hotel and drive you to the dental office. Before starting treatment, you will review all procedures involved with the doctor so you can resolve any last-minute doubts you may have.

Most of our treatments are fully completed in one day. This is possible thanks to:

  • The collaboration between our specialists (cosmetic dentists, implantologists, anesthesiologists)
  • The CAD-CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing in dentistry) allows us to build and place the restored dental piece on the same day of the operation (conventional prostheses, such as crowns, have temporary pieces placed for one to several weeks while a dental laboratory or in house dental lab produces the restoration). Learn More about our one-day, non-invasive treatments +

Step n°6. Follow-up after treatment and guarantee

Treatment does not end when the patient leaves our dental office; follow-up is crucial in most of the treatments we offer in our centers.
The follow-up needed will depend on the type of treatment received. For some treatments the patient will have to come back to the clinic to finalize the treatment, while in other cases, a regular check-up from a dentist in your own town might be adequate. The decision to do the follow-up in your home-town dental center or in our dental office will depend on both the preference of the patient and the complexity of the treatment. Abaden Dental Group International Dental Center will always assume responsibility for the treatments we do and offer a full guarantee for them.

* CEREC: CAD-CAM - How it Works *

Typically CAD/CAM dental restorations are milled from solid blocks of ceramic or composite resin that closely match the basic shade of the restored tooth. Metal alloys may also be milled or digitally produced.
After decayed or broken areas of the tooth are corrected by the dentist, an image (scan) is taken of the prepared tooth and the surrounding teeth. This image, called a digital impression, draws the data into a computer. Proprietary software then creates a replacement part for the missing areas of the tooth, creating a virtual restoration. This is called reverse engineering. The software sends this virtual data to a milling machine where the replacement part is carved out of a solid block of ceramic or composite resin. Stains and glazes are fired into the surfaces of the milled ceramic crown or bridge to correct the otherwise monochromatic appearance of the restoration. The replacement part is then cemented or bonded in the patient's mouth.