Dental implants in Barcelona

Our Implantology team headed by Dss Domingo Obradors has more than 28 years of experience in the field. We introduced the All-on-4 Full Teeth Restoration treatment in Spain about 15 years ago and have been pioneers in the utilization of dental sedation to reduce patients fear and anxiety during the dental implants treatment process.

Team Learning and Success

Our implantology team is made up of by 5 implantologists who discuss (in our daily clinical case consultations) every single implantology case we receive in our dental offices. By doing this, we not only offer a better diagnosis to our patients, but also give continuous profesional development to our implantologists who see many more clinical cases that they would if they worked alone.

Replacing a Single Tooth

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Replacing entire mouth

dental implants single tooth Barcelona

dental implants with bridges Barcelona

all-on-4 implants Barcelona

Inmediately placed implants

In Abaden Dental Group we use Inmediately placed Dental implants. We call them immediately loaded dental implants because the patient undergoes one only surgery in which the dentist:
1. Removes damaged teeth (if necessary)
2. Places dental implants
3. Fixes a temporary prosthesis or implants (the provisional prosthesis would be prepared by the technician from the molds made ​​in the visit prior to the intervention).
Thus, the patient leaves the clinic with fixed teeth on the day of the treatment.

Dental Sedation in Implantology

Abaden Dental Group is a pioneer in the utilization of conscious sedation in Dental Implants treatments.
This anesthetic technique (dispensed by our anesthetists) allows us to place our patients in a relaxed state resembling sleep. Conscious Sedation in dental implants is very useful for 3 main reasons:

- Reduce patients fear and anxiety related to the experience
- The patient, being in a state resembling sleep, is not aware of the passage of time (in a operation of 3 hours the patient will feel like if it has only been 10 minutes).
- Facilitate a dental procedure as the patient is more calm and do won't disturb the physician.

¿Why Dental Implants in Abaden Dental Group?

  1. Clinical Case Consultation - Study of your case by our team of Implantologists
    The correct diagnosis of the problem is essential for a successful treatment, for this reason our group of professionals prepare a comprehensive study to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.
  2. Immediate placed Implants - Dental implants in a single session
    New Implant Techniques allow "immediate placing" in most cases. In this way the patient leaves the clinic with a temporary prosthesis (of adequate aesthetic finish) the same day.
  3. Conscious Sedation - No pain or anxiety
    Sedation allows treatments to run more comfortably.It also saves time and money for the patient as it allow us to perform various treatments on the same patient the same day
  4. Experience
    We have more than 28 years of experience in Dental Implantology and our team of implantologists perform about 1.000 implant procedures yearly. We have been the pioneers of the all-on-4 procedure in Spain and one of the first dental clinics in Barcelona to use conscious dental sedation on dental implant treatments.