Dental Fear

dental sedation in Barcelona

What is the patient's experience?

  1. The patient sits in the dental chair.
  2. The anesthesiologist sleeps the patient using the sedation. The dentist can work in the patient's mouth during 1-5 hours while de patient is slept.
  3. The patient wakes up with the feeling that he has been slept only 10 minutes.

For patients that ....

  • Have little time to go to the dentist and prefer to solve their dental problems in 1 one single session
  • Have fear of dentist
  • Are seeking for a greater comfort

For what treatments?

  • Treatments of Oral Surgery, Periodontal surgery or implantology .
  • Conservative and Aesthetic treatments with medium-long
  • Combined treatments of oral rehabilitation involving the participation of dentists in various specialties

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